[fpc-devel] Dynamic Linking (-XD)

Ivan Shikhalev iws at freepascal.ru
Wed May 28 13:26:19 CEST 2008

This is a very nice feature - dynamic linking of "ppumove'd" units
with the "-XD" option.
But it isn't possible use this with smartlinking for other units...
May be best to add this variant?

I see two ways:

1. Simple: preferred order - if the "-XD" key is used, for any unit
compiler try link it dinamically,
then smart, then static. I think to make this patch in a small time.

2. Complex: parse command line switchs with they position, and take
priorities from order:
first way in this case must seems as "-XDXS" or "-XDX".

What's about this?

 Ivan Shikhalev

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