[fpc-devel] Too big documentation images

listmember listmember at letterboxes.org
Mon May 26 04:46:55 CEST 2008

Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
> Exactly. There are 4 converters:
> Latex2html - a huge perl script which needs more time and memory than God
>       needed to create the earth, to convert the docs.  We dumped it because
>       it simply takes too long. It's good for small documents (articles), but
>       not for books.
> tex4ht - Was very good, but has some issues. Problem is that it's no longer
>           maintained, and is no longer included in e.g. SuSE.
> Hevea - also good, but is written in objective caml (and I thought Pascal was considered obscure)
>          so it also doesn't install easily on a SuSE system.
> tex2rtf - Very good, fast. But only supports a subset of latex, not enough for the documentation.

There's also one other converter, namely, Hyperlatex [ 
http://hyperlatex.sourceforge.net/ ], written in Lisp.

It is mentioned in this page 
http://small.dropbear.id.au/docs/latexhtml.html and seems to be actively 
maintained --the README file in the CVS says the latest version, v2.9, 
is dated November 2006.

BTW, I know nothing about Lisp or Latex; but I did some googling to help 
if I can.

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