[fpc-devel] Need patch for bugs : 0011503 / 0009472

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Fri Jun 20 23:42:46 CEST 2008

>>> The behaviour you are counting on is a side effect of an 
>>> optimisation, not a behaviour by design.
>> Oh, btw: fpc 2.2.2rc1 behaves with -O2 like delphi :) Without -O2 like 
>> 2.2.0 :)
> Add: I just realized that Peter implemented this some time ago in a "in 
> most cases" (!) delphi compatible behaviour.

My refactoring and optimization of the function return assignment 
handling is only available in 2.3.1. The change is too intrusive to 
backport it to 2.2.x.


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