[fpc-devel] Cross compile win32 to linux

Marius Ellen mariusellen at home.nl
Wed Jun 18 23:53:18 CEST 2008

Well, it has been a while..

Currently i'm only able to compile linux console applications. For GUI 
I'm able to compile them but i do get a lot of linking errors (i copied 
a truckload of ubuntu linux libraries, but i'm unsure if i always got 
the right versions of the libs). I think it certainly would be possible 
to crosscompile from windows but it takes up a lot of time testing and 

Compiling on linux itself would be much faster in the long end (to avoid 
copying those st*p*d libs), right now i don't even know how to install 
fpc and laz (i'm sort of a n00b under linux and i'm unable to find the 
time to read the docs and make it work).


zaher dirkey wrote:
> Marius Tell us when you success, because it need many library come with 
> linux.

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