[fpc-devel] FreePascal on ARM Linux ,SoftFloat and EABI issues

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Mon Jun 2 10:36:00 CEST 2008

> Let me remind you that i am dont use a Cross compiler, but an emulated 
> Arm machine.
That is "interesting", but is it really useful ? Cross-compiling seems 
more "standard". In this forum there seem to be several ARM-CE-users, 
but ARM-Linux seems not to be very common right now. I'm very interested 
in that as (not before next year) I might be starting a Cross-Linux project.
> The next stage is to develop X apps 
> using Lazarus. But for these I need to get FPC working.
Do you really want to run Lazarus on the ARM-system ?

While this _should_ be possible somehow, It might be quite slow compared 
to what can be done on a PC with cross-compiling.

Moreover I have no idea how well gdb might work in such an environment 
(gdb-user interface in the ARM target) Using cross-gdb from a PC onto 
the arm device via Ethernet seems the more user-friendly (and more 

Please let us know how you proceed with this interesting stuff.


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