[fpc-devel] General Decimal Arithmetic

john at johneb47.id.au john at johneb47.id.au
Tue Jan 29 05:47:32 CET 2008

On Mon, Jan 28, 2008 at 12:53:26PM +0100, mm wrote:
> Vincent Snijders a écrit :
>> john at johneb47.id.au schreef:
>>>    2. Are these operations presently available within Free Pascal?
>> AFAIK, not distributed and installed by default with Free Pascal. There 
>> are a number of arbitrary precision libs around, for example bigint from:
>> http://www.polarhome.com/~franco
> Regarding big floats, I know only two libraries, the one of Wolfgang
> Ehrhardt:
> http://home.netsurf.de/wolfgang.ehrhardt/mp_intro.html
> and mine:
> http://www.ellipsa.net/public/nx/
> But they don't follow IEEE standards. With multiprecision numbers, this
> is not always possible and, overall, it would be a small disaster for
> the running times. For instance, correctly implementing the "Inexact"
> error as described in the IEEE standard increases the code size and
> slows down computations for a questionable usefulness [*] (with floating
> point numbers, what is exceptional is not an inexact result but an exact
> one). Even the subnormal numbers are not really necessary (the only
> benefit is that, with them, we always have ((A-B = 0) <-> (A = B))).
> [*] Of course, in case of a fixed (small) precision decimal library,
> like the one of the OP, it might be necessary. "Decimal" libraries are
> mainly aimed at financial computations.

I have investigated the above links and it would appear that I would be 
duplicating the efforts of others for very little (if any) gain.
For my self interest will study the code in these libraries and thank you
those who responded.



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