[fpc-devel] Haiku and IDE support in the BeOS port

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Wed Jan 23 16:39:11 CET 2008

> Hi,
> Here are some patchs to improve the BeOS port of Freepascal.
> - HaikuFix.diff : patch to enable a full build of Freepascal under
> Haiku. bcopy seems to behave differently under BeOS and Haiku when
> searching for include file in the compiler. So, i propose to use the
> internal functions instead of libc's ones under BeOS.
> -  ide_and_video.diff : patch to  bring the ide to BeOS. I use UTF8 to
> draw "graphic" chars as the BeOS Terminal support them.
> - packages_base_gdbint.diff : patch to compile the IDE with debugging
> support under Haiku (not tested under BeOS because it is more difficult
> for me to build all the needed dependencies).
> - packages_base_netdb.diff : a little patch to fix a problem in the
> makefile when running "make zipinstall" under Haiku.  Regenerating the
> makefile should work too.
> - QuickFix_exeinfo.diff : patch to fix BeOS compilation with recent
> changes in this area. It does not seems to work yet.
> - rtl_beos.diff : implementation of FpNanoSleep. Without an
> implementation of that function, the ide eat as much CPU as it can !
> With all this, i am able to build the complete source tree under Haiku.
> I am also able to compile the IDE under Haiku with debugging support.
> Here is a screen shot of the IDE under Haiku :
> http://olivier.coursiere.free.fr/images/freepascal_ide.png.

Thanks. Patches are applied. Small modifications to the updated exeinfo patch.


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