[fpc-devel] New -Xg option in the last 9778 revision

Fabio Dell'Aria fabio.dellaria at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 16:17:36 CET 2008

Hi to all,

I have some questions about the last 9778 revision (related to the new
-Xg option).

The help tell: "-Xg now produces a .dbg file with debuginfo that can
be used by gdb."

My questions are:

1)...when this patch will be apply to the current 2.2.x version (I
think currently it works only on the last 2.3.x version)?

2)...when will be added the full "lineinfo" and "lnfodwrf" units
supports to read the debuginfo from the external .dbg file?

Thank you to all for your attention! ;)

Best regards...

Fabio Dell'Aria.

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