[fpc-devel] Debug Info proposal

Fabio Dell'Aria fabio.dellaria at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 15:11:47 CET 2008

Hi to all,

I have a little (I hope useful) propose related to the debug info attached
to every compiled file.

I know these info are really useful during the normal debug process and I
know also that more beginner programmers do not uses FreePascal because it
generates BIG compiled files.

I think the FreePascal debug info contains the full source code of the
compiled software, so I suggest to add an option to can add ONLY debug info
related to Address -> Unit/Class.Method/Line (without any source code).

So will be possible:

1)...speedup the compiling process (write less bytes on disk and use less
RAM to generate compiled file);
2)...the beginner programmers do not stop to uses FreePascal for its BIG
compiled files.

What do you think of this my proposal?

Best regards...

Fabio Dell'Aria.
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