[fpc-devel] On recasting BORLAND PASCAL FROM SQUARE ONE for Free Pascal

Jeff Duntemann jeff at duntemann.com
Mon Jan 7 17:57:39 CET 2008

Interesting idea--and I have an intro book to Delphi 2 that could be 
adapted. I would have to publish it myself, as the American computer 
book publishing business is in bad shape right now, but I know how to do 
that, at least.



Michael Schnell wrote:
> While this of course is a good idea (and decent comments were 
> presented by others), ...
> Why not (based on the text you have) write a real (commercial) book on 
> Lazarus.
> Lazarus is approaching a non-beta state and is available for many 
> platforms.
> Some days ago I used Lazarus to cross-compile a (testing-) application 
> that I loaded on a GloFish cell-phone. The only effort was to unzip 
> the additional (ARM-) compiler and (WinCE-) libraries from a single 
> Zip file, select the appropriate Target-CPU and Target OS in a GUI 
> menu and press F9. Now I could upload the resulting exe file to the 
> GloFish and it showed the Form; and pressing the buttons worked like 
> intended.
> I think that's really impressing and to me using Delphi with .NET (if 
> possible at all) does not seem more attractive.
> Moreover you can install Lazarus on Windows, Linux or Mac and use the 
> same source code to create your applications for the appropriate 
> platform. (Of course you can create GUI programs, command-line-tools, 
> dlls, and even CGI-applications to be used with Apache.)
> The usability of Lazarus for the development of many (or most of that 
> class of ) hobby- and commercial products is slowly reaching the level 
> of Delphi's, (as with most community projects) the documentation is 
> always a problem.
> This is why IMHO a decent book on Lazarus is really due and should 
> find a decent count of customers.
> I'm sure here and in the Lazarus forums, you will find any support you 
> might request.
> -Michael
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