[fpc-devel] On recasting BORLAND PASCAL FROM SQUARE ONE for Free Pascal

Joost van der Sluis joost at cnoc.nl
Mon Jan 7 11:34:52 CET 2008

Op maandag 07-01-2008 om 01:06 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Daniƫl
> > 3. The book does not cover objects in depth. I'm of two minds about how to 
> > cover object-oriented programming: I prefer Delphi's object model, but I've 
> > used Turbo Vision (I named it, in fact) and have some example code. Which 
> > would be better? (I don't think I would cover objects in the first book, at 
> > any rate.
> This is a though decision, for which there is no simple answer. Certainly, 
> Lazarus is a lot more popular than Turbo Vision, so it makes more sense to 
> explain classes. On the other hand, you can write so much about Lazarus 
> that it would be a book on its own. Explaining people how to write OOP 
> code, while at the same time showing them how to write some Turbo Vision 
> programs might make sense too.

I've been thinking about this last night. I can't remember the book
exactly and I don't have a copy of my own yet, (I ordered one).

But what you could do is go on with the current book. And add a section
about classes to it (in the second part, for example, instead of a
section about objects). Thereafter you could add a chapter about the
LCL. And then not in the way that you create a lazarus-application with
'drag&drop'. But create an application with one form from scratch. In
code. Just like you would do with Turbo Vision. And as I can remember
from my Turbo-vision books. (Turbo Vision in de praktijk)

Then you could address in a new chapter the streaming capabilities. And
then stream the form you've created earlier to disk, and load it again.
Thereafter you could do one chapter to introduce programming with
Lazarus in the Drag&Drop way. That way you introduced to people how
things really work...

I understand that this won't be ready tomorrow. But it can be done

Do you like the idea in general? (Is it clear what I mean?)

Further I'm wondering what IDE you want to write about. You could use
the textmode fp-ide, offcourse. That's the closest to the old Turbo
Pascal IDE. But you could also use Lazarus as a ide. And then not the
graphical stuff, but as a IDE to create console-applications.


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