[fpc-devel] Freepascal in microcontrollers

Jeff Duntemann jeff at duntemann.com
Mon Feb 25 17:00:15 CET 2008

This is very blue-sky, but it would be an interesting enhancement to 
Lazarus to target ARM or Atmel AVR CPUs in the manner of the Processing 


It's how you create software for the Arduino boards that are so popular 
here in the US. I started out in embedded processors, and I can program 
in C-like languages, but they make me itch. Pascal would be better.



Michael Schnell wrote:
> IMHO, nowadays, 8 (and 16) bit processors only make sense for very 
> small projects. Those are very hardware specific and thus using C here 
> does make sense.
> OTOH, 32 bit processors have become very cheap and handy. For embedded 
> projects, IMHO, especially processors that are programmed as 
> "ip-Cores" in FPGAs are very interesting, so that porting the FP 
> compiler could make sense. I am considering to do this port for the 
> NIOS CPU (that runs in Altera FPGAs). I don't intend to start that 
> project very soon, but if someone is interested in starting the port, 
> I of course will try to help.
> -Michael
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