[fpc-devel] In FPC written FPC Debugger

Daniël Mantione daniel.mantione at freepascal.org
Fri Feb 22 08:19:27 CET 2008

Op Fri, 22 Feb 2008, schreef Martin Schreiber:

> On Thursday 21 February 2008 22.22:27 Daniël Mantione wrote:
>> Op Thu, 21 Feb 2008, schreef Jonas Maebe:
>>> On 21 Feb 2008, at 21:37, Daniël Mantione wrote:
>>>> This discussion takes place in the fpc team from to time. It is clear we
>>>> will need our own debugger, even though not everyone likes to maintain a
>>>> debugger for its platform.
>>> I disagree it is even necessary for Mac OS X, as gdb works fine there
>>> (and both Apple and SourceWare have been fairly receptive to the -small-
>>> patches I have submitted).
>> GDB works well on any Unix. It's the non-Unix platforms where gdb does not
>> work well. Lack of Pascal support like with, local procedures,
>> widestrings, dynamic arrays, properties is platform independend. Therefore
>> all platforms would benefit.
> Displaying of ansistrings, widestrings and dynamic arrays is possible with
> current gdb. MSEide uses some tricks to achieve correct display in most of
> the cases.

How? I have been playing with the idea of doing memory dumps with the x 
command and process the data yourself, but to do so, you need to have info 
about the symbols. A possibility for the textmode IDE, because ithas an 
integrated compiler, but a problem for an IDE that does not include the 
compiler. You are parsing ppu files or so?


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