[fpc-devel] Lazarus: A new widgest set

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Fri Feb 15 10:29:29 CET 2008

> Did you actually compile that interfaces.pp, it is not compiled 
> automatically, but only if you build the LCL with that widgetset.
Supposedly I did not.

I'll try to understand the "Configure Build Lazarus" options. maybe same 
can be used to "build the LCL with that widgetset".

> What is missing is the adaption of the the Makefile.fpc (and the 
> generated Makefile) in lazarus/lcl/interfaces
Do you suggest that the appropriate  makefiles are generated when 
"building the LCL with that widgetset" using the "Configure Build 
Lazarus" box ?


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