[fpc-devel] Lazarus: A new widgest set

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Fri Feb 15 09:34:39 CET 2008

> Can you send me the patch so far? 
I'm (still) not familiar with diff / patch files, but it's really such a 
tiny difference that I easily can tell it in English ( :) ):

in ide/lazconf.pp I added at the end of line 56
  , 'nogui'

and at the end of line 59
 , 'noGUI'

accordingly in /lcl/interfacebase.pp line 65 I added
  , lpnoGUI

moreover I created directories lcl/interfaces/nogui and 
lcl/units/i386-win32/nogui (doing the first test in WinXP)
for a test i copied interfaces.pp from lcl/interfaces/win32 into 

With that I can select noGUI as a new widgetset (right below fpGUI) in 
the project-options -> compile settings.

When compiling a simple project I get "unit interfaces not found". 
obviously the new directory lcl/interfaces/nogui is not acknowledged due 
to a cause I can't detect. I would have expected compile errors when 
actually  compiling lcl/interfaces/nogui/interfaces.pp.
> Then I can take look.
Thanks a lot !


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