[fpc-devel] fpfork

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Mon Feb 11 13:21:35 CET 2008

>> I feel that a better solution would be e.g. to drop the fpVFork 
>> function altogether and do the difference (if necessary at all) in 
>> the fpFork function.
> I don't understand what you mean here. Both vfork and fork have 
> certain semantics, and you cannot replace one with the other in all 
> cases.
If we can do the improvement mentioned before, and as I suppose there is 
no instance where fork is not used to start another program (via exec?() 
), it should be possible to do the code in all appropriate locations  in 
a way that the functional differences between fork() and vfork() are not 
triggered. Thus a single function "fpFork" (or similar) should be 
sufficient. Thus any OS-introduced differences could be handled here at 
a central point instead of scattered over the code of multiple source files.
> Yes. But thread variable support is more than just calling some 
> libpthread functions.
So I don't understand why it seemingly is possible to _always_ use fork 
in _some_ location of the code.

I don't understand why threading support has anything to do with 
starting an external program. (But right now I don't need to anyway and 
BSD is out of my reach. I'll come back to  you on that issue once I 
really get involved.)


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