[fpc-devel] fpfork

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Mon Feb 11 12:16:22 CET 2008

Jonas Maebe wrote:
> In some cases memory is still allocated between the fork and the exec. 
> You cannot use vfork in such a case. That code still has to be 
> rewritten so it does not allocate any memory.
Do you suggest that some improvement should be done there ? Of course I 
will try to do this for the other architectures once I'll get started 
with that task and fully understand the implications. I feel that a 
better solution would be e.g. to drop the fpVFork function altogether 
and do the difference (if necessary at all) in the fpFork function.
>> - vfork seems to be used in BSD and SUNOS. Why just in these systems ?
> Correction: it is only used on those systems if the RTL is libc-based. 
> And the reason is that our thread variable implementation and its use 
> in the syscall implementations conflicts with using vfork.
Don't you use the pthread library for the implementation of pascal 
threads ? (Threads and inter thread communications is another issue that 
I'll need to investigate - and maybe improve - when I'll start to do the 
"embedded pascal" project.)
>> - when doing a non-MMU (µCLinux) architecture fork is not available. 
>> What is the best way of handling that situation ? (Should we 
>> introduce a UCLINUX OS flavor ?)
> Does it already have posix_spawn?
I don't know. The expert are just trying to get a 2.6. µCLinux version 
out of the door and I don't even have any hardware to test yet.

Thanks for your answers !


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