[fpc-devel] more descriptive parameter names for C translated headers

Peter Vreman peter at cooldown.xs4all.nl
Sat Feb 2 12:34:48 CET 2008

Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
> Hi,
> I use the xlib.pp unit a lot. As far as I understand it and many
> others like it was created with a automated tool.  As I use the
> functions, I thought I could start changing the para1, para2... to
> more descriptive parameter names.  This makes it much easier to code
> if you use something like Lazarus that gives function declaration
> hints etc..
> It will not affect/break anybody's code if I start making those
> changes, but I would like to get the correct naming convention
> going...  I'm only doing this once!  :)
> Here's the original declaration:
> function XSetSelectionOwner(para1:PDisplay; para2:TAtom;
> para3:TWindow; para4:TTime):cint;cdecl;external libX11;
> what should the new parameters look like....
> Delphi / standard Object Pascal style:
> 1)
> function XSetSelectionOwner(ADisplay:PDisplay; ASelection:TAtom;
> AOwner:TWindow; ATime:TTime):cint;cdecl;external libX11;
> or maybe
> 2)
> function XSetSelectionOwner(display:PDisplay; selection:TAtom;
> owner:TWindow; time:TTime):cint;cdecl;external libX11;
> My preference is 1).  What's your thoughts?

You can improve the source. It is just a name and not used for anything 
else because it is an external.


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