[fpc-devel] ppcrossarm build fails to compile rtl and packages

Yury Sidorov jura at cp-lab.com
Fri Feb 1 20:37:51 CET 2008

From: <paul at interfacedesign.co.uk>
> I'm trying to build an arm/wince cross-compiler from a Windows XP 
> host from
> 2.2.1 SVN (rev 10079). I can build a working ppcrossarm.exe from the 
> fpc source
> folder by:
> make compiler_cycle CPU_TARGET=arm OS_TARGET=wince FPC=ppc386.exe
> However, when I try to build the RTL and packages with the 
> following:
> make -C rtl clean FPC=ppcrossarm.exe
> make rtl packages FPC=ppcrossarm.exe OPT="-g"
> The process terminates at the instruction to build the package FV:

Fixed now.


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