[fpc-devel] 'fpmake install' should do what?

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Thu Dec 4 17:02:56 CET 2008

> Hi,
> While trying to only recompile and install the 'fcl-fpcunit'
> directory, I played around with the fpmake build system. I'm using FPC
> 2.2.3.
> My directory layout is as follows:
> /opt/fpc_2.2.3/
>              ^---- install location for:  make install
> INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/fpc_2.2.3
> /opt/fpc_2.2.3/src
>                           ^---- svn checkout of 2.2.3
> The following was tried while inside: /opt/fpc_2.2.3/src/packages/fcl-fpcunit/
> * I can compile fpmake.pp without problems.
> * I can build the source code without problems using:
>      ./fpmake build -UG /opt/fpc_2.2.3/lib/fpc/2.2.3/units/i386-linux/
> * I can archive the source code without problems using
>      ./fpmake archive
> What is the 'install' option supposed to do???  Where does it install do?
> I ran the following and got no output. No errors no nothing. It also didn't
> install to the /opt/fpc_2.2.3/lib/fpc/2.2.3/units/i386-linux/fcl-fpcunit/
>  directory
> as I hoped for.
>    ./fpmake install -B /opt/fpc_2.2.3 -UG
> /opt/fpc_2.2.3/lib/fpc/2.2.3/units/i386-linux/
> I thought the -B option might need to be the same as:
>     make install INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/fpc_2.2.3

'fpmake install' should do the same as 'make install' copy the locally build units to their final

To see what fpmake does add --verbose or --debug.

for 'fpmake build' you should not need to specify the final output dir. 'fpmake install' will move
the files.


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