[fpc-devel] Unicode and UTF8String

Martin Friebe fpc at mfriebe.de
Mon Dec 1 22:52:59 CET 2008

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 10:13 AM, Florian Klaempfl
> <florian at freepascal.org> wrote:
>>> I assume that the new variable encoding type would be used for all
>>> unicode routines, am I right?
>> No, it will be RTLString which type depends on the OS.
> The more I think about it the more I like this solution. I think it's
> better then the previous idea of a string with encode information
> inside it.
That I agree with. A string with encode information in it (I read that 
as a type-data field at runtime ) is not good (IMHO)

Best Regards

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