[fpc-devel] Unicodestring branch, please test and help fixing

JoshyFun joshyfun at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 17:50:28 CEST 2008

Hello Florian,

Saturday, August 30, 2008, 5:30:08 PM, you wrote:

>> I'm writting some unicode support functions, they are mostly based in
>> the current WideString format. Is there any important technical
>> difference which could prevent the current code to work as the
>> WideString one ?
FK> This depends on the code and that's why there is this branch :)

I had checked the branch, checking the source changes and it mostly
looks like a widestring alias. As my code "only uses" character array
access and Length() function, everything should continue to work as

I have some difficults to test it over the branch, my code currently
only compiles under Lazarus (test cases are mostly visuals) and make
my Lazarus work over a new FPC branch could be problematic for other
non related projects.

I'll try to compile a new FPC in the other computer to test the
functions. Thank you.

Best regards,

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