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Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Mon Aug 25 13:39:20 CEST 2008

> Yes, noted. But some points you mentioned I don't understand. So I wonder if you
> spotted a bug.
See my other message in this thread about "context" on what I thing that 
might not work as designed.
>>  - there should be examples for the use of the topic
> There are already some examples in the docs. So the system is there and _only_
> needs to be filled.
So an _easy_ way to have the users provide examples might be helpful.
>>  - there should be cross references to related and to similar topics
> For example the LCL docs already have 485 links to related topics. Not counting
> the automatic and ancestor links. Again: system is there and _only_ needs to be
> be filled.
Right ! see above

>> With Lazarus it would be best if the Delphi help could be linked in by
>> the users (of course it can't be shipped :) ). This could be used as a
>> nice starter and everybody can obtain it legally with Turbo Delphi,
>> unless he is  a legal Delphi owner anyway.
> Maybe doable. Needs investigation.
Another goody would be that the decent Delphi 3rd party packets come in 
sorcecode and with help files that can be linked in the Delphi help system.
Using this would greatly help (legal owners) porting such packets to 
>>> The online help already uses the wiki for the IDE windows and dialogs. You
>>> are all welcome to help improve the pages with examples that newbies
>>> understand.
>> If this is not included in the context-sensitive online-help this is no
>> fun at all ;) .
> Huh? I'm only talking about the context sensitive online help. The F1 function
> of lazarus.
> Maybe you are talking about fpide?
>> Yep. Does the system support multiple languages ?
> Some parts yes. AFAIK fpdoc has, the wiki too. But the context sensitive help of
> the IDE does not yet support that. The problem with the wiki is that the IDE
> does not know, if a page has already a translation.
This is exactly what had been discussed in the German Lazarus Forum. 
Enhancing the German F1 help.
>   The problem with fpdoc is my free time.
This of course is the problem with all community projects. But better 
slow than never :)
> I typed TForm, pressed F1 and got:
> http://lazarus-ccr.sourceforge.net/docs/lcl/forms/tform.html
> The help for identifiers only works, if the IDE can find the declaration.
> It does not yet search in the registered classes, nor in the whole
> documentation.
> If you want help for an identifier without proper declaration, then you want a
> context *insensitive* search and as I said: this is missing.
I (maybe) see. So "context" does not only mean "word under cursor", but 
in fact it evaluates the context of  same (the Delphi help does not seem 
to do that.)
But why not enhance the "context" help in a way that it offers a lost of 
available topics with that keyword if no topic that fits the "context" 
is found (or if the user requests a list <e.g. by Shift-F1> ).

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