[fpc-devel] resource support rework

Giulio Bernardi ugilio at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 09:17:28 CEST 2008

Marco van de Voort ha scritto:
>> Paul Ishenin ha scritto:
>>> imposible for fpc 2.2.2. But yesterday it has been released and what 
>>> about next fpc version? Will you merge that nice staff into current 
>>> fixes branch or it will never be merged? I suppose if it ever will be 
>>> merged then better to merge it early to give enough time for good 
>>> testing (though lazarus works fine with it).
>> I wanted to add support for dynamic libraries first. That is, the 
>> possibility to retrieve resources from shared objects, and not only from 
>> the main program. This currently works for Windows only (obviously, 
>> since Win32 API is managing that).
>> The problem is that currently I'm a bit short of time :(
> I think that requires packages, since otherwise:
> - both dll and mainapp have own rtl.
> - and thus need resources.
> - Linux and FreeBSD only have flat linker space ->clash?

The idea is to be able to generate resource-only shared objects (without 
any code, I made a proof of concept some time ago and at least for ELF 
it works), so that programs can load resources from different dlls.
For dynamic libraries containing resources, maybe the "dll rtl" can not 
make use of it and let the main program use it (resources in DLLs are 
always searched with dlopen/dlsym, so it will be the same, from the main 
program point of view, if resources are in a resource-only dll or not). 
This of course until we have packages working.


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