[fpc-devel] libc translations

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Sun Aug 10 13:43:47 CEST 2008

> Thank you guys for the detailed explanations. I think it will help me a lot 
> to understand the infrastructure. I am doing in on stages. First I will 
> implement it in my code and test it and then will extract it and put it in 
> suitable unit for you. I will study the units to see a good fit for it.
> What I need is 1 nS units repeating timer. If I am not mistaken this can be 
> achieved only with the hrtimers, but I may be wrong.

Maybe other platforms have other means. You can write an abstract wrapper
around them, avoiding the linux gore to spill out.

> If I can come up with a 
> better more platform independent Unix approach, it will be even better.

Study the open group site, and test occasionally on the website of FreeBSD
if a certail call exist (nearly all unices have some place where you can
view manpages on the web).

Also note that there is a difference between "linux" and "linux/x86", and if
hrtimers wrap to some hardware feature, this could be a problem.

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