[fpc-devel] [ADMIN] Posting new mails to the mailing list

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Sun Aug 10 11:38:13 CEST 2008


When posting a new thread to a mailing list, please do not reply to an  
existing message and then change the subject. All messages contain a  
hidden header containing context about the thread they belong to, and  
many mail clients support using that information for grouping together  
all messages belonging to the same thread.

Currently, we have a "thread" on this list which already contains 223  
messages about
* Russian locale information not compatible with FPC locale variables
* FPC boost features
* Multi threading support
* Linking to TObject
* libc translations

This completely defeats any auto-threading based on those headers. And  
the reason that simply using subject lines is not enough for  
threading, is that those often get mangled. I.c., the above thread  
also contains mails titled e.g. "	Russian	locale	 
informationnotcompatiblewithFPClocalevariables" and "	Russianlocale	 


FPC mailing lists admin

PS: this remark is not directed at anyone in particular since it  
happens on many different occasions, but this thread is a particularly  
good example.

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