[fpc-devel] New Language Features in Oxygene 3.0

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Thu Apr 24 10:30:53 CEST 2008

> New Chrome features are worth a look, but no more than i.e. Ada or C++ 
> features are worth a look.
Of course we don't need features that are tied to .NET.

As I pointed out  the features I mentioned (which of course are not the
only Chrome features that are not found in FP and/or Delphi), are in
fact sensible and doable without .NET indeed worth looking at. And If
someone should decide to implement a similar functionality, IMHO it
would be a good idea to consider doing it in a compatible way as they
supposedly tested the appropriate paradigm for usability.

"Parallel programming", "multiple event handlers" and "missing value
handling" _may_ be provided by the .NET framework, but seem very useful
to me and of course _can_ be implemented for native code applications as

I suppose in the future programmers might even be _expecting_ any
programming language to have these features, because compilers based on 
.NET specifications will provide them as the framework makes them easy 
to implement.


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