[fpc-devel] New Language Features in Oxygene 3.0

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Wed Apr 23 10:12:45 CEST 2008

Did you read this ?


RemObjects introduces several really interesting language features with 
the new version of their Pascal Dialect, which I think would be useful 
extensions for non .NET compilers, too.

Parallel Programming:
have multiple-CPU systems run code automatically in multiple threads

Property Notifications:
I suppose this allows for attaching multiple handlers to events (but 
maybe I'm wrong, but multiple handlers is a .NET feature (AFAIK) I 
suppose it's supported by Oxygene somehow and of course it's useful for 
non .NET programs, as well)

Nullable Expressions:
Calculations automatically handle a "missing value" bit-combination in a 
type (in fact not new with Oxygene 3.0 but a feature of Remobj's 
language since long) (I don't know if that uses .NET support, but of 
course it can be done natively as well).

Would it be appropriate to take a look at Oxygene and aim for 
implementing such advanced features in a compatible way. If there are 
copyright issues, I feel that RemObj will be much more communicative 
than CodeGear is :). I think that all worlds (native and .NET, 
"commercial" and "open source") will profit by advanced features and 


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