Optimization strategies in IDE (Was: Re: [fpc-devel] symify.ppbroken)

Robert Riebisch rr at bttr-software.de
Fri Apr 18 20:27:24 CEST 2008

Jonas Maebe wrote:

> -Os and -OG cancel each other out. So the choice between them should
> either be a radio button, or a pop-up menu/selection box (or whatever
> the term is in *Vision). They are orthogonal to the other optimisation
> settings.

Sure, but that's seems to be only true for FPC <= 2.2.x. FPC 2.3.1
doesn't list "-OG" anymore, but "-Os" only: "Optimize for size rather
than speed".

So what to do? :-)

Robert Riebisch
BTTR Software

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