[fpc-devel] Rebuilding fpc-2.3.1.go32v2.zip

Lee, John john.lee at logica.com
Mon Apr 14 13:28:19 CEST 2008

I couln't quite follow what the problems are/were/might be. go32v2 fpc 2.3.1 + ide makes ok for me every day, starting with go32v2 v2.2 or from v2.3.1, with win me, running native. BTW AFAIK even if there isn't a v2.2 go32v2 release there is a v2.2 go32v2 (latest version) on ftp site, under snapshots /v22/go32v2 - made every day.   

On an 1Ghz dell desktop go32v2 & IDE make takes about 20 minutes. It also works ok with win me running under vpc, tho' it's very slow (takes > 60 minutes or so on a 2.8Ghz desktop). 

Let me know if there are problems...

Regards John     

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> Marco van de Voort wrote:
> > > Um, did you see, that I want to rebuild "snapshot" (not 
> "release")? :-)
> > 
> > Yes, but also for snapshot you need FPC to compile FPC, 
> which was what I
> > meant with that. You can't start from just source.
> OK. I always start with latest fpc-2.3.1.go32v2.zip + additional DOS
> tools.
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