[fpc-devel] extending platform flag request

Marc Weustink marc.weustink at cuperus.nl
Fri Sep 28 10:53:06 CEST 2007

Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
> On Fri, 28 Sep 2007, Marc Weustink wrote:
>> Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
>>> On 27/09/2007, Павел Ишенин <webpirat at mail.ru> wrote:
>>>> TMenu = class(...)
>>>> published
>>>>   property Detachable: Boolean read ... write ... ; platform carbon qt;
>>>> { or it can be platform 'carbon,qt' or another easier way }
>>>> end;
>>> So using this example:  Detachable property information will be
>>> written to the lfm file for carbon and qt platforms. What is going to
>>> happen if that lfm file is loaded (as in x-platform applications)
>>> under a Windows or Linux-GTK system?  "Unknown property error" on load
>>> in Lazarus??? And when saved under the later platforms, Lazarus will
>>> auto remove that unknown property from the lfm file like it does with
>>> other unknown properties?
>> No the property will always exist and always been written. Only an indication
>> to the user can be shown that this is a property which might not work on all
>> platforms
>> IIRC, that's what the platform directive was meant for.
> Only to say that code is platform specific. You get this only when
> compiling.

And you don't want to know in what case it is specific ?

> Note that what you ask goes way beyond platform: you ask widget-set dependencies.
> You should encode this kind of information in your interface class, not in 
> the RTII. 

we ask some way through code to be able to generate hints to the user 
when certain feature is used.
Note that using it is the key here, not the presence of the feature.


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