[fpc-devel] internal linker import by index patch (xbox)

Andrew Haines AndrewD207 at aol.com
Thu Sep 20 05:11:45 CEST 2007


This patch is not ready yet, but can anyone give comments on the
correctness of the third hunk in the patch dealing with AOrdNr?

I've been working on getting fpc able to make xbox(1) programs and on
the xbox there are no libraries but only kernel imports which are
imported by number.

A short explanation:

An xbox exe is very similar to a win32 exe. It only links to the xbox
kernel and imports functions by index. If an exe is generated that
doesn't link to the standard win32 libs like kernel32.dll, then the
program can be converted to an xbe(xbox executable) using a program
called cxbe.

So... with the third hunk applied and a bare system unit and a bunch of
small changes here and there, I've been able to make a xbox program with
fpc that I converted with cxbe. (all it does is write to video memory
and then reboot)

Is the patch correct? I suspect that importing by ordinal is not
currently working for regular exe's made with the internal linker.

The patch changes so that the Import address table is putting  $80000000
or'ed against the import number instead of an RVA pointing to the import
number(which is incorrect since a RVA is used here only if it is an
import by name)

Sorry if none of this makes sense, I think I may have overloaded my
brain on this one :)


Andrew Haines

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