[fpc-devel] property syntax extension

Vinzent Hoefler JeLlyFish.software at gmx.net
Thu Oct 18 13:02:09 CEST 2007

On Thursday 18 October 2007 12:55, Michael Schnell wrote:
> > I think it is better to send a RTF document than a ODT document:
> > * it is smaller
> > * more programs can read it
> > * no need to download and install plug-ins for a seizable minority
> > of people without open office or ODT-plug-in installed.
> Valid considerations, but regarding this, PDF is a much better
> option. (BTW.: Open Office does write PDF without any plugins or
> external programs.)

Oh, come on. An OpenOffice created PDF would have had about 30K+ size 
after base64 encode. :P

And that for data which could most easily have been provided as plain 
text inside the mail:

-- 8< --
PropertyDeclaration ::= PROPERTY Identifier [PropertyInterface]

PropertySpecifiers ::= [ ... ]
                       [ ... ]
                       [ATTRIBUTES AttributesArray]
AttributesArray ::= '[' (AttributeDeclaration
                    [, AttributeDeclaration]) ']'
AttributeDeclaration ::= ''''<string>':'<string>''''

Declaration examples:

TmenuItem = class(...)
property Detachable: Boolean read  FDetachable
                             write SetDetachable
   attributes ['widgetsets:qt,gtk,win32',
               'implementor:Vasya Pupkin',

TxxxDatabase = class(...)
property TransactionModel: TTransactionModel read FtransactionModel
                                             write SetTransactionModel
   attributes ['engines:firebird,oracle,sybase-asa'];
-- 8< --

Of course, the syntax highlighting is now missing but as the intended 
target audience are the developers and not managers, the missing blue 
won't lose you information, I'd say.

Vin"How big is that whole mail now?"zent.

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