[fpc-devel] Resource handling library

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at quicknet.nl
Tue Oct 16 23:42:26 CEST 2007

Giulio Bernardi schreef:
> Hi,
> I was curious about resource support in FPC, and after investigating a 
> bit I wrote a library to handle resources. It provides classes to deal 
> with some common resource types, and readers and writers for various 
> file formats (res, coff, elf).
> There could be various uses, for example:
> - lazarus could use it to directly write version information and icon on 
> windows, or to store lazarus resources in real resources as delphi does 
> (even if I don't know if there will be improvements in doing this).
> - it can be used for a resource editor or for the icon editor
> - it can serve as a backend for a resource compiler.
> Using the library I wrote a sort of replacement for fpcres, and with 
> some modifications here and there in fpc I had resources working for elf 
> on all targets (tested i386, x86_64, powerpc, arm, it should work on 
> other platforms too but I couldn't test because of compiler or qemu 
> problems). Moreover it solves some problems in current fpc support for 
> resources in elf and makes it easy to improve the format of elf resources.
> If core devels are interested, may I talk to one of them by private 
> mail? (IIRC Michael Van Canneyt was involved with resources?)

One of the reason Lazarus does not use resources like Delphi, is that 
there is no support for Mac OS X yet (elf is supported by fpcres, as you 
mentioned). Does your library support that?


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