[fpc-devel] Help: Converting Header for WinCE

Yury Sidorov jura at cp-lab.com
Fri Jun 8 21:37:21 CEST 2007

From: "Carolos Foscolos" <carolosf at gmail.com>
>I converted windbase.h from ms wince sdk, and would like to include 
> to rtl for wince in fpc... Are the comments copyright ms, so do I
> remove them or leave them?
> And who can I talk to, to include my windbase.pp to rtl\wince\
> Also some of the functions of windbase.h are in coredll.inc so do I
> split the windbase.pp file and add its data types to struct.inc and
> functions to coredll.inc

Please add add missing functions/declarations to existing .inc files 
send me a patch.

Yury Sidorov. 

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