[fpc-devel] DLL WIN64: Entry point not found

Luc Vigato, Sita Software l.vigato at sitasoftware.lu
Thu Jul 19 17:43:12 CEST 2007

I can't create an host application with fpc to reproduce the error.

An Host application compiled fpc can call dll functions without problems.
Firebird cannot call the same functions.

The switch -WB0 doesn't change anything for me.

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From: "Luc Vigato, Sita Software" <l.vigato at sitasoftware.lu>
>I have downloaded the latest snapshot. The error is thill there.
> With the test dll which I have send yesterday it's work fine now,
> but the
> finall DLL wich contains over 20 exported function I have an error.

Try to create sample dll which reproduces the problem and submit bug

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