[fpc-devel] Linux kernel behaviour change regarding keyboard

Christian Iversen chrivers at iversen-net.dk
Wed Jul 18 19:44:41 CEST 2007

Ales wrote:
> And to add to my last setuid stuff.. I think that if we properly audit
> the IDE code so that:
> a) fpc is called in the uid of the original ide starter
> b) the "console" is run in the uid of the original ide starter
> c) compiler programs are called in the uid of the original IDE starter
> I think it's ok to use setuid after these. Ofcourse, depending on how
> the IDE executes all the externals, it might be a trouble. But if we do
> some typical fork, it shouldn't be so difficult (I'm willing to do this
> should we decide to go this route).

There is absolutely no clean way to use setuid in a program the size of 
the IDE. Trust me.

It is vaguely possible that a very small (think "less than 100 LOC") 
wrapper could be generated, which will simply set certain configuration 
parameters of the PTY that the IDE is attached to. I imagine that this 
would work.

This could be distributed, and called from the IDE after startup. The 
entire IDE would then be run completely as normal, by the user.

Even with such a small wrapper, one would have to put a big fat warning 
in the README file and similar places. In the Debian package, debconf 
should ask the user if s/he is ok with installing a suid program.

If this is not feasible, then the IDE will have to be redistributed with 
reduced functionality. You just cannot compromise when it comes to 
security matters. Ever.

Christian Iversen

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