[fpc-devel] twide3.pp on windows

Maxim Ganetsky ganmax at narod.ru
Mon Jul 16 23:50:38 CEST 2007

Vincent Snijders пишет:
> Maxim Ganetsky schreef:
>> Vincent Snijders пишет:
>>> No, this does not work. GetACP still returns the system setting.
>> Where do you see GetACP? Instead of GetACP pass 1250.
> I don't see, it is what is used by
>   WideCharToMultiByte(CP_ACP, 0, source, len+1, nil, 0, nil, nil);
> in Win32Wide2AnsiMove.

Ah, now I see. Having looked at the code of the test I think that of 
course my suggestion won't work since it changes console codepage and 
the test doesn't work with it.

Best regards,
  Maxim Ganetsky                  mailto:ganmax at narod.ru

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