[fpc-devel] graphh.inc - few questions.

Evgeniy Ivanov lolkaantimat at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 16:01:43 CEST 2007

I'm doing sdlgraph - so I put my self to packages/base/graph.

I can't understand the method (where are they used?) using routines in
TModeInfo (from graphh.inc).
In custom graph modules it's used in such way:
             mode.PutPixel:={$ifdef fpc}@{$endif}PutPixVESA32kOr64k;
But in windows and go32v2 there are no any routines for PutPixel from
I mean someting like
PutPixel       := @custom_PutPixel;   (PutPixel       :=
@libvga_PutPixelProc;   - in the unix graph.pp).

So, if there are no such assignations (sorry, I don't know the right word)
PutPixelDefault from graph.inc will be used...
And it is:
  procedure PutPixelDefault(X,Y: smallint; Color: Word);
     Writeln(stderr,'Error: Not in graphics mode (use InitGraph and test
GraphResult afterwards)');

But windows module works...

I will thankful for answers.

I may rewrite somethings, but as I have undersood - the best way is to use
graph.inc and graphh.inc.

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