[fpc-devel] Building 2.1.4 for SPARC/Linux

Daniël Mantione daniel.mantione at freepascal.org
Wed Jul 4 17:22:53 CEST 2007

Op Wed, 4 Jul 2007, schreef Mark Morgan Lloyd:

> Using a binary 2.0.0 I've compiled 2.0.4 without problems, running on Debian
> 4.0 "Etch" on an Ultra-10.
> Using this 2.0.4 I'm trying to compile 2.1.4 using recent sources. First
> problem is a missing line as fixed in the patch below:

This one is correct.

> Hopefully I've got that right. However with that applied a  build all  fails
> with:

> Anybody got any suggestions please?

This could mean mean incorrect code is generated which cause the resulting 
compiler not to crash but generate even more incorrect code. The Sparc 
code generator needs to be checked for bugs.

This is unfortunate because as we are really close to freezing 2.2.0 it'll 
be hard to get a fix in time.


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