[fpc-devel] Linking to C++

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Wed Jan 24 09:22:14 CET 2007

> As far as I remember, Delphi 5 and on has an IDL compiler included, 
I suppose same is used to generate an interface unit when you do "import 
type library". Is this possible with TP, too ?

> and can generate IDL code from an Object Pascal hierarchy.  
I suppose this is true and necessary when creating a COM server. I never 
tried to do something like this yet.
> So in FPC one can envision automatic generation of IDL description 
> based on an interface hierarchy. There might, however, already be some 
> parsers (independent of Borland) that do that.
> A final remark. Code sharing through COM/DCOM can lead to the 
> following "Hello World" program:
> http://www.ffzg.hr/infosl/fun/HelloWorld.htm (see the master 
> programmer example)
:-) :-) :-)


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