[fpc-devel] Illegal Expression: Compile Err - On one XP Pro box, not another - same source. Please Advise

Jason P Sage jasonpsage at jegas.org
Sat Jan 20 01:46:06 CET 2007

Hello All,

I have just installed the same exact FPC 2.0.4 Binary install on a new XP
Pro Box. When I compile code on this box with source files that compile 
On my other XP Pro box and my Fedora Linux Box - I get invalid operator.

I'm using the Bracket style compiler directive for objfpc compile mode in
the source file.

Here is pseudo code example of the problem. This problem is very mechanical
and reproducible on this new XP Pro machine. I'm hoping it’s a compiler
configuration flag or something - but I can't figure it out.


program test;

// Platform Size integer in theory (32 bit on 32bit machine)
var MyInt: integer; 

  MyInt+=1;  // Error Here

-------------- END -------------------

Note: Same Source file compiles fine on both an XP Pro box, and a Linux
Fedora 5 box, but on a brand new Windows XP Pro machine - this problem is
coming up. 

I also use this construct for things like MyAnsiString+='more text';

Both are using FPC 2.0.4 Windows Install Package as downloaded through
FreePascal.org web site - Same version. Is it something in the INI file?

Thank you in advance!
Jason P Sage
jasonpsage at jegas.org

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