[fpc-devel] Error: Unable to create "reg.xml" file

Bogusław Brandys brandys at o2.pl
Fri Jan 19 12:31:06 CET 2007

Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
> Hi,
> I started getting this message in my Lazarus applications since the
> last 2 weeks.  It happens very seldom, but still strange.  I don't use
> xml files at all in my application and don't have a reference to a
> "reg.xml" in any of my code.  The applications are run from my HOME
> directory where I have full read/write access.
> Anybody got some ideas?
> I used FPC 2.1.1 (lastest SVN) and Lazarus (lastest SVN) under Linux.
> Lazarus is compiled against the GTK1 widget set. My applications also
> use the GTK1 widget set.
> PS:
> I did a quick search of the FPC src directory and found one reference
> to reg.xml in the /src/fcl/inc/xregreg.inc file.

TRegistry under Linux is simulated using XML file (this is afaik 
TXMLRegistry class inside)

FPC 2.1.1 is a proper version for registry under Linux.2.0.4 had bugs here.


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