[fpc-devel] Re: Nasm under FPC Go32v2

borsa77 at libero.it borsa77 at libero.it
Tue Jan 2 23:39:00 CET 2007

> The file you are changing is not go32v2 specific, thus
> if a change is only for the go32v2 target, we need to
> add a target test for the given change.

I think it is for all the platforms where a port of Nasm is available other than Dos, for example Linux though I have not tested. Anyway at the present moment compiling with Nasm is impossible except for such programs which do not need to write on the screen.

> Is this a general or go32v2 limitation of NASM?

I have taked as a comparison the equivalent file for Gas aggas.pas where I found the comment
{$warning TODO .rodata not yet working}
so I think that internal routines of FPC do not support the addressing of read-only section.

> The problem is that very long line have problems with
> editors (like fp for instance...) that is why the splitting > was introduced, I don't understand the advantage of > removing that.

Because I do not be sure to be able to fix the bug working in multi-line, so in the first instance I simplified in a single.

> Why is this glbal modifier needed?

In the assembler source generated by Gas it is present, actually I tried to recompile the FPC with global modifier only that do not work and both global and .rodata->.data that work, but not with .rodata->.data only.

> Could you please explain the reason of that change?

It seems to me with the old while statement if two sections are consecutive, only the last will be written in the cutobject.

Greetings, Marco.

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