[fpc-devel] patch:more clear definition of makeintresource, clearer definitions in wince defines.inc

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at quicknet.nl
Mon Feb 19 10:30:48 CET 2007

Roozbeh GHolizadeh schreef:
> Summary :
> "MakeIntResource" was previously declared as function in win32 and 
> wince,windows.pp files,also we had one declared in rtl\resh.inc as pchar 
> and also there was some uses of it just as pchar in classes.
> All these makes some problems in lazarus,as we cant have constants 
> declared as arrays of makeintresource and things like this.
> Obviously makeintresource is just a type definition,so instead of this 
> function
> function MAKEINTRESOURCE(i : longint) : LPTSTR;
>     begin
>     end;
> it could be changed into pchar(LPSTR) or pwidechar(lpwcstr).
> and making all other functions being declared as constants.
> I suggest the same changes also to win32.

Who is going to look after this patch?


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