[fpc-devel] 'daemon' units in Lazarus (to Michael van Canneyt ?)

Lee, John john.lee at logicacmg.com
Wed Feb 14 13:19:48 CET 2007

Saw somwhere (I think) that there is/may be a problem with later versions of SVN client re using proxies...FWIW I'm using svn CL 1.4.2 & tortoise 1.1.7 to access fpc svn, from behind firewall with proxy, port 80  - our proxy doesnt need any other authentication- & it works ok. Before I had the proxy settings right I saw similar errors to the ones you are getting. HTH regards John 

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> > Note that some proxies require special authentication 
> methods (i.e. not
> > just username/password), and it may not be possible to get 
> SVN working
> > with these (with reasonable effort, at least), unless you 
> can change the
> > proxy configuration to something else. Specifically, I'm 
> talking about
> > proxies expecting windows-specific support for single 
> sign-on (domain
> > sign-on) obtaining logon information from the client.
> >   
> As 28 K data actually is being transferred, I don't think that what I 
> have  is a proxy problem any more. The exclamation mark in 
> '/svn/fpc/!svn/vcc/default' seems funny to me.
> -Michael
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