[fpc-devel] procedure ... message

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at quicknet.nl
Tue Feb 13 12:41:33 CET 2007

Michael Schnell schreef:
> peter green wrote:
>>> What does the compiler do when translating "procedure ... message" ?
>>> I need to know this as I want to create a non-GUI workalike of the 
>>> TApplication class that can do things like "TTimer" 
>>> "TThread.Synchronize", Message events, etc, using Windows messages in 
>>> Windows (for testing purpose) and system V message queues in Linux.
>> afaict it does the same as delphi does, puts them in some form of table which is used by the dispatch method in tobject (which on delphi at least is called from wndproc which is called from mainwindowproc which is registered as the window procedure for the window and hence called by windows when the mainloop calls the windows api function dispatchmessage).
> Thanks a lot for your answer.

I see you are still a bit lost. Maybe the documentation can help:


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