[fpc-devel] FP 2.4 questions

Fabio Dell'Aria fabio.dellaria at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 19:58:49 CET 2007

Why is so hard deide to add package support?

Iss only a new  feature, if one do not need it can simply do not use it!

For the debug inforrmation do you think will possible do not include
them directly from compiler increasing optimization level?

2007/12/26, Jonas Maebe <jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be>:
> On 26 Dec 2007, at 18:25, Fabio Dell'Aria wrote:
> > Hi to all and merry xmas,
> >
> > I have some questions on the 2.4 version.
> >
> > 1)...will be the debug information availables on separated files or
> > I'll need alway use the "strip" command to remove them?
> Debug information will still be stored inside the final executable
> (except for Dwarf on Mac OS X, because there the used tool chain does
> not do this). This step can be automated by both IDEs and the compiler
> (the -Xs compiler option; and if that one does not work properly, file
> bug reports).
> Furthermore, it is always a good idea to compile all code going into a
> release version without debug information from the start, because when
> debug information is on some optimizations may not be performed (e.g.,
> on PowerPC we always store the link register on the stack if debug
> information is generated, as dictated by the various ABIs).
> That's why most IDEs feature debug/development/.. and release/
> deployment/.. targets.
> > 2)...will be finally avaiable the "packages (as Delphi Bpl)" support
> > (and if yes when will be available the first test version with
> > packagees support)?
> That is not known at this point.
> > 3)....when will be released the 2.4 version?
> There is no planned time table for this. The next released version
> will be 2.2.2, and when that one will be released mainly depends on
> how long it will still take to replace all potentially tainted code in
> the rtl/fcl.
> Jonas
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Best regards...

Fabio Dell'Aria.

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