[fpc-devel] Light weight threads for FPC

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Mon Dec 17 11:58:15 CET 2007

> For clusters there is already a de facto standard: MPI. It works with
> FPC.
> AFAIK OpenMP and MPI work well together and are separate.
Right now my concerns are not about how and what features should be 
implemented (in the libraries), but only about how they are presented by 
_language_extensions. (And about the interface the libraries offer to 
the user)

Here an as broad as possible range of ways to do parallel processing 
should be allowed - hiding the details (i.e. if using MPI or OpenMP or 
something else) should be hidden in the implementation in the library in 
a way as transparent as possible to the user.


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