[fpc-devel] FindFirst under Linux doesn't set faHidden

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 10:18:20 CEST 2007


As per the documentation:
    The file is hidden. (On unix, this means that the filename starts
with a dot)

I've tried this today using FPC 2.1.5 and faHidden doesn't seem to be set, ever.

Below is a list of files I tested on under Linux. I first printed the
filename found by FindFirst/FindNext and then I printed True or False
if the faHidden attribute was set. As you can see even for files with
the '.' (dot) prefix, the faHidden is never set.

.svn FALSE
units FALSE
filegrid.lpr FALSE
filegrid.lps FALSE
filegrid.compiled FALSE
filegrid.lpi FALSE
filegrid FALSE
.I_should_be_hidden FALSE

I know unix OS's don't have a real notion of 'hidden' files, but it is
a standard to treat dot prefix files as hidden. The FPC documentation
mentions that and Kylix treated it like that as well.

Can anybody else confirm this, before I submit a bug report?

Oh, and here is the function I use to test the attribute:

 // Example:  HasAttrib(sr.Attr, faHidden)  returns True if faHidden was set.
  function HasAttrib(fileAttrib, testAttrib: Integer): Boolean;
    Result := (fileAttrib and testAttrib) <> 0;

  - Graeme -

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